901 NE 144 Stormwater Park

In collaboration with Van Alen’s “Keeping Current” initiative and the City of North Miami, Department Design Office led a team comprised of Miami artist Adler Guerrier, Miami architect Andrew Aquart, and hazard mitigation start-up Forerunner to reimagine the future of flood-prone residential lots. The project includes the development of a masterplan as well as a the design of a pilot “stormwater park.”  

The stormwater park is a localized floodplain management approach integrates stormwater retention with public open space. The intent of the park is to provide a joyful community-oriented open space that also functions as a flood-control measure. As such, there are four principles that guide the stormwater wark: increasing stormwater retention capacity, supporting local habitats, curating public program, and increasing public outreach and awareness.

This park transfroms so-called “repetitive loss properties,” which are a product of urban development in the floodplain. Current digital elevation maps as well as historic surveys reveal the inevitability of flooding within North Miami’s Arch Creek Basin. Because many of these lots, and the pilot site specifically, are within residential areas, however, they have the potential to give back to the community in a meaningful way - to be a good neighbor - and to propose a bottom-up alternative to stormwater and adaptive land management.

North Miami, FL; 2019