North Miami Stormwater Park

In collaboration with Van Alen’s “Keeping Current” initiative and the City of North Miami, Department Design Office is leading a team comprised of Miami artist Adler Guerrier, Miami architect Andrew Aquart, and hazard mitigation start-up Forerunner to reimagine the future of flood-prone residential lots. The project includes the development of a masterplan as well as a pilot site design.

These so-called “repetitive loss properties” are a product of the disconnect between the fast-paced development of urban areas and the reality of the low-lying ground. Current digital elevation maps as well as historic surveys reveal the inevitability of flooding within North Miami’s Arch Creek Basin. Because many of these lots, and the pilot site specifically, are within residential areas, however, they have the potential to give back to the community in a meaningful way - to be a good neighbor. Rather than lay vacant, these lots can increase stormwater capacity and alleviate local floodingby functioning as basins; unlike other forms of stormwater infrastructure that are typically buried underground, however, these sites offer the chance to make visible their function while showcasing South Florida’s unique ecology. We envision this pilot site, and other emergent sites, as a register for environmental change that simultaneously grows public awareness, reduces risk locally, and provides a community gathering space.

North Miami, FL; 2019