Pine in the Sand

Against the backdrop of broader environmental upheaval, Pine in the Sand draws attention to the precarity of our surroundings and questions our efforts to maintain them. The installation is intentionally fluid, comprised mostly of sand, and is literally shaped by the people and external forces that encounter it. Though made up of everyday elements -- concrete barriers, sand, and a pitch pine tree from Cape Cod, it is animated by the weather and activated through natural processes of erosion and slumping.

Ultimately, the installation highlights the inevitability of change and the inadequacy of hard infrastructures to block this process. Beyond this, it engages the public in the experience and discourse around maintenance, care, and labor. Brooms and rakes are provided for visitors to groom and play. And as the pile weathers, it becomes a focal point for its surrounding community, a register for change, and a monument to impermanence.
Cambridge, MA; 2019-2021